Cynoscion myoxocephalus

(Cynoscion phoxocephalus)

Vernacular names:FAQ
Sp : Corvina cachema
Fr : Acoupa cacheme
En : Cachema vveakfish
Local names:Colombia: Pelada yanca
Costa Rica: Corvina picuda
Ecuador: Corvina
El Salvador: Corvina
Guatemala: Corvina
Mexico: Corvina, Corvina picuda
Panama: Corvina blanca, Corvina rolliza
Peru: Cachema, Cachema cola alunada, Corvina boca amarilla, Corvinilla, Chavela corvina
Commercial names:Corvina, Cachema weakfish.
Simile of internacional trade:Cynoscion regalis, C. squamipitinis, C. stolzmanni.
Habitat and biology:A demersal species, lives in coastal waters of the continental shelf and in high salinity estuaries. Feeds on fish, shrimp and other crustaceans. Not included in the IUCN Red List.
Geographical distribution:Its distribution goes from 32° 43' N to 06° 00' S in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.
Principal ports of landing:Esmeraldas, Mania, Engabao, General Villamil Playas and Puerto Bolivar.
Length:In Ecuador commercial sizes from 39 cm (TL) have been registered. According to the FAO and Fishbase: the maximum total length is 60 cm (TL). There is no age data available.
Types of fisheries:Artisanal and as bycatch of the trawl on shrimp boats.
Landings:In the years 2000, 2001, 2002 and 2003 the National Fisheries Institute (MFD estimated artisanal landings for all of the species of the Sciaenidae family of 424.39; 518.7; 330.8 and 724.3 tons respectively.
Types of vessel:Fiberglass and wood boats.
Fishing season:All year round.
Importance:In some coastal populations the artisanal fishermen dedicate a large part of the year to the capture o f the various species ofWeakfish of the Cynoscion genus. Its flesh is of excellent quality and used in the preparation of many typical dishs, including "ceviche". There is a large demand at a local level and at times exported. Its swimming bladder ("Buche") is also used.
Fillets:Fillets individually quick frozen (IQF), with or without skin, with or boneless.
Whole:With head and tail, gutted.
Whole_:Placed in polyethylene bags.
Fillets_:Waxed cardboard boxes, insulated, plastic liner, placed in polyethylene bags, with or without gel packs.
(в % от веса):
Whole (gutted) :85.71(% )
Fillet (with skin) :42.85(% )
Fillet ( without skin) :35.71(% )
Chemical composition:Proximal composition (%)
Moisture: 76.2
Fat: 3.8
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