Pleuronectes platessa

(Paralichthys woolmani)

Vernacular names:FAQ
Sp : Lenguado huarache
Fr : Cardeau huarache
En : Speckled flounder
Local names:Colombia: Lenguado
Ecuador: Lenguado
Mexico: Huarache, Lenguado
Panama: Lenguado
Peru: Lenguado
Commercial names:Flounder, Lenguado.
Simile of internacional trade:Paralichthys dentatus, P. californicus.
Habitat and biology:It is found in waters of the continental platform (bentonic habitat) in soft bottoms and estuarine regions. In the continental platform the artisanal fishermen capture Ms species in 45 m to 82 m of depth. Not included in the IUCN Red List
Geographical distribution:Its distribution goes from 32° 43 'N to 18° 20'S in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.
Principal ports of landing:Manta, Ayangue; Anconcito, Santa Rosa and Chanduy.
Length:Its average length is 56 cm (TL), although there can be specimens of 85 cm (TL).
Types of fisheries:Artisanal.
Landings:During the peak season the artisanal fleet of Ayangue can unload between 17 to 24 tons per month.
Types of vessel:Fiberglass boats.
Fishing season:From june to november of each year; during the dry season and when there is influence of cold water. In "ENSO" events its catch is reduced significantly.
Importance:Of the several species of Flounder this is the largest that exists in Ecuador. It has an established artisanal fishery. It is an important resource. Its flesh is white and of very good quality; it is craved in local markets as much as it is internationally.
Fillets:Fillets, skinless and boneless.
Fillets_:Waxed cardboard boxes, insulated, plastic liner, in polyethylene, with vacuum packed.
(в % от веса):
Fillet :34 - 37(%)
Chemical composition:Proximal composition (%)
Moisture : 78.0
Fat: 0.5
Protein : 20.0
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