Mugil cephalus

(Mtigil cephalus)

Vernacular names:FAQ
Sp : Pardete
Fr : Mulet a grosse tete
En : Flathead grey mullet (antes / before: Striped mullet)
Local names:Colombia: Lisa
Costa Rica: Lisa
Chile: Cachamba, Cachambre, Lisa, Utempe
Ecuador: Lisa
El Salvador: Lisa
Guatemala: Lisa
Mexico: Cabezudo, Curisma, Churra, Lisa, Lisa cabezona, Lisa macho, Lisa rayada, Liseta
Nicaragua: Lisa pardete
Panama: Lisa
Peru: Lisa, Lisa comun, Lisa rayada, Mujol
Commercial names:Flathead mullet, Grey mullet, Lisa, Striped mullet.
Simile of internacional trade:Cosmopolitan.
Habitat and biology:It is found in rocky areas with muddy sand bottoms, from the surface to 120m of depth. It is a bentopelagic species found in low salinity, brackish and fresh water (bays, ponds and estuaries). Feeds on zooplankton, bentonic organisms and detritus. Reproduction takes place in the sea, from july to october. Females spawn 5 to 7 million eggs. Sexually mature at 7 to 8 years. Not included in the IUCN Red List.
Geographical distribution:Its distribution goes from 32° 43 'N to 06° 00 'S in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.
Principal ports of landing:Landings along continental coast and in the Galapagos Islands.
Length:On the continental coast of Ecuador lengths of up to 46cm (FL) have been registered. According to the FAO: the maximum length is 91 cm (TL), common is up to 35 cm (TL). According to Fishbase: the maximum length is 120 cm (SL); maximum published weight is 8,000 g and maximum reported age 16 years.
Types of fisheries:Artisanal fishery (from the beach as well as small boats), and as a bycatch from shrimp trawlers.
Landings:The average annual landing is 60 tons.
Types of vessel:Fiberglass and wood boats (artisanal) and as bycatch of the shrimp trawlers.
Fishing season:All year round, but mainly from May to December.
Importance:A commercially important species in many parts of the world. Utilized in fisheries, aquaculture, sport fishing, aquariums and as bait. It is popular at a local level. Ecuador exported to the USA during a 14 month period between 1995 - 1998, 120 tons of frozen mullet. There is a demand for its roe in the european market. In China it has medicinal uses.
Fillet, skinless and boneless. When frozen it is individually glazed.

Clean roe. When frozen it is individually glazed.
Headless and gutted:Headless and gutted, skin on.
Whole:With head and tail, with visceras or gutted.
Waxed cardboard boxes, plastic liner.
Fillets_:Waxed cardboard boxes, plastic liner.

Waxed cardboard boxes, plastic liner, individual bags packed.
(в % от веса):
Whole (gutted) : 84 - 91 (%)
H&G : 61-70 (%)
Fillet : 36 – 52 (%)
Chemical composition:Proximal composition (%)
Body parts: meat (fillet)
Moisture : 73.i6 - 76.50
Protem: 19.45 - 21.19
Fat : 137- 5.40
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