Lutjanus guttatus

(Lutjanus guttatus)

Vernacular names:FAQ
Sp : Pargo lunarejo
Fr : Vivaneau rose
En : Spotted rose snapper
Local names:Colombia: Pardo, Pargo lunarejo
Costa Rica: Pargo de la mancha
Ecuador: Pargo lunar, Pargo lunarejo
El Salvador: Pargueta
Guatemala: Flamenco, Huachinango
Mexico: Huachinango, Pargo chivato, Pargo de aleta negra, Pargo flamenco, Pargo lunarejo, Pargo prieto Nicaragua: Pargueta
Nicaragua: Pargueta
Panama: Pargo de la mancha, Pargo de seda
Peru: Besugo, Cojinoba rosada, Paramo, Pargo, Pargo Colorado, Pargo con lunar, Pargo con mancha, Pargo de altura, Parvo
Commercial names:Snapper, Pargo, Pargo lunarejo.
Simile of internacional trade:Lutjanus peru, L. Colorado, L. campechanus.
Habitat and biology:It is found in waters of the continental platform (habitat bentonic) in soft and hard bottoms (rocky areas and reefs), from 10 m to 30 m of depth. It feeds on fish and invertebrates. Not included in the IUCN Red List.
Geographical distribution:Its distribution goes from 32° 43 'N to 18° 20'S in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.
Principal ports of landing:Esmeraldas, Tonchigiie, Muisne, Pedernales, Jama, Manta, Puerto Lopez, Santa Rosa and Anconcito.
Length:Its average length in 50 cm (TL). According to Fishbase: the maximum length is 80,0 cm (TL); maximum published weight is 1,310 g.
Types of fisheries:Artisanal, industrial and sport.
Landings:A real estimate does not exist, however, the annual unloading average for all the species of the family Lutjanidae is 310 tons.
Types of vessel:Fiberglass and wood boats.
Fishing season:All year round. There is greater availability during periods of (ENSO) events.
Importance:Of the 10 species of snappers in Ecuador, the Spotted rose snapper (L. guttatus) with the Pacific red snapper (Lutjanus peru) and Yellow snapper ( L. argentiventris), are the three species used for the export market. The flesh presents a firm texture of white color and of very good quality.
Fillets:Fillets, skin on and boneless.
Whole:With head and tail, gutted.
Whole_:Waxed cardboard boxes, insulated, plastic liner; with gel packs.
Fillets_:Waxed cardboard boxes, insulated, plastic liner, vacuum packed, with gel packs.
(в % от веса):
Whole (gutted) : 89.22 (%)
Fillet (skin on, blood out) : 48 (%)
Fillet (skinless) : 46.86 - 46.96 (%)
Chemical composition:Proximal composition (%) Moisture : 73.6 - 76.9
Fat: 0.6 - 4.5
Protein : 20.5 - 20.8
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