Nemanthias peruanus

(Hemanthias peruanus)

Vernacular names:FAQ
Sp : Cabrilla de Peru
Fr : Barbier fil
En : Splittail bass
Local names:Colombia: Doncella
Costa Rica: Doncella
Chile: Doncella espinuda
Ecuador: Ravijunco
Mexico: Cabrilla, Cabrilla rosa, Cabrilla rosada
Panama: Merete del Golfo
Peru: Doncella, Doncella serranida, Princesa
Commercial names:Seaperche.
Simile of internacional trade:Hemanthias signifer.
Habitat and biology:It is found in waters of the continental platform, from 39 m to 223 m of depth. It feeds on plankton, it is found forming schools. Not included in the IUCN Red List.
Geographical distribution:Its distribution goes from 32° 43 'N to 37° 00'S in the Eastern Pacific Ocean.
Principal ports of landing:Esmeraldas, Marita, Puerto Lopez, Santa Rosa, Anconcito, Engabao and Puerto Bolivar.
Length:Its average length is 30 cm (TL), although there can be specimens of 45 cm (TL).
Types of fisheries:Artisanal and as bycatch on the shirmp trawlers.
Landings:In the years 2002 arid 2003 the National Fisheries Institute (NFI) estimated artisanal landings for all of the species of the Serranidae family of 212.3 and 205.8 tons respectively.
Types of vessel:Fiberglass and wood boats.
Fishing season:All year round, mainly during the second semester.
Importance:It is captured by shrimp trawlers (bycatch), on occasion are trapped in the form of school. It is consumed locally, its flesh is of good quality and it is mistaken as Snapper; in the future it would be part of the group of species to be exported in moderate quantities.
Fillets:With and without skin, boneless.
Whole:Gutted and tail off.
Fillets_:Placed in polyethylene bags.
(в % от веса):
Whole (gutted) : 92.59 (%)
Fillet (skinless) : 40.74 (%)
Chemical composition:Proximal composition (%)
Moisture : 79.5
Fat: 0.5
Protein : 18.4
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