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The Ecuador fish is recognized all over the world because of its quality and diversity. Unlike other countries that are exporters of Fish, Ecuador is proud of its aquaculture, made with the latest technology, respecting the international standards of quality. Moreover, the majority of fish exported from Ecuador is caught directly from the Pacific Ocean, or from the rivers and lagoons of this incredible country. The fame of Ecuador fish passed the borders of this South American country, and any American and European that is able to recognize a good food made of fish will appreciate the Ecuadorian production.

One of the fewest problems of Ecuadorian fish export is the difficulty of external partners to find the local producers. The majority of fishing companies are local initiatives of locals, and this is why international communication is a problem. Luckily, this site is here to offer quality raw fish, frozen fish and fish products for the interested international partners, and to meet any kind of demands of those traditional and new collaborators.

The company has the possibility to export fish all over the world, for partners in Russia, Asia, and in African Countries. The cargos are loaded from Guayaquil, one of the most important Ecuadorian Ports, reaching their destinations anywhere on the Globe. For the USA partners, the company has a personal manager, so if you have a company that imports fish in USA, you can contact this representative directly.

www.zakaribi.com has firm contracts with a large number of local fish producers and farms, being able to meet even the highest requests and demands of the international partners. If you need a transport on short notice, you can always check the stocks of the company directly on the site, to see what kinds of fish are available for immediate shipment.

At the moment, the Ecuadorian company has in its deposits more than 30 000 kilograms of moonfish, 5000 kilograms of hake, and 5000 kg of Butterfish and 4000 kilograms of cornet. However, the stocks are changing constantly, so you must check the availability of your order.

The major advantage of ordering from here is the fact that all the intermediaries are eliminated. The company has reliable sources of frozen tuna, dorado and corvina directly from the plants and authorized anglers. Feel free to check the catalogue of fishes, and if your order is not available in the containers of the company, we can assure you that your order will be ready in the shortest time possible.

As for the quality of fish exported by this company, all the collaborators and partners of the company are approved and authorized to export fish in USA and in the European Union. The containers are delivered in CIF or FOB conditions, considering the country of export. The production is packed at an industrial facility, meeting the latest standards in this field, making sure that the fish reaches its destination perfectly conserved.

Manta is one of the famous fishing regions of the world, a place where industrial and sportive fishing is allowed. Moreover, the good weather and the favorable water currents make fishing possible for the whole duration of the year. The majority of partners are authorized anglers from this area, therefore the company can sign long-term contracts with constant deliveries for the overseas partners. With the help of www.zakaribi.com, you will have direct contact with the managers of the plants and of the fishing company. What is the interest of www.zakaribi.com? This company takes its commissions directly from the manufacturers and anglers, so the financial effort of the client for the services offered is zero.

www.zakaribi.com will not give you only a telephone number. The employees of the company will assist you in terms of translation, paperwork, logistic, negotiation and packing. Feel free to check the stocks and prices on the official site, as they are updated once every two or three days. As an experienced angler, you probably know that the fish doesn’t “bite” every time. This is why the prices could suffer significant modifications from one week to the other. Again, the site is there for you, calling you whenever a transport is available for the price you desire.

Ecuador is the second largest exporter of shrimp of the world, and the farms of shrimp are indeed the pride of this country. Unlike the farms in Vietnam and Thailand that are guarded from any indiscrete eye, covering the outrageous methods used by those companies to grow shrimp and tuna, the Ecuadorians always welcome tourists on their farms, allowing them not only to observe the process, but also to taste some great traditional fish foods.

Although www.zakaribi.com is specialized in ocean and frozen fish, it can also help companies that are looking t import special fish from the freshwater resources of Ecuador. Locals have the utmost respect for the nature and for what it provides them. From this point of view, you can be sure that a fish grown in the farms of the Ecuadorians, or angled from the rivers of this country will never be chemically enhanced or genetically modified.

www.zakaribi.com is not a simple site presenting some offers. It is the gateway of Ecuadorian fish export to the world, a service facilitating the exports of this treasured resource of the Ecuador waters. Clients from all over the world used the services of this company, and their favorable recommendations are just enough to prove the reliability of this company. Whether you are looking for canned tuna for distributing in the supermarket chains of USA and Europe, or you are just looking for a few rare fishes needed in the exclusive restaurants for wealthy clients, www.zakaribi.com is the place where you can find it. The company managed to build a name in years of striving, being a representative service for locals that can’t export their merchandise through other channels. Technology and innovation are the words that characterize the modern Ecuadorian fish industry, and www.zakaribi.com can be considered as one of the most important promoters of this profitable but also fascinating industry.

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